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Workers recalled as North Korea prepares for war

November 27, 2010


A mass exodus of North Korean workers from the Far East of Russia is under way, according to reports coming out of the region. As the two Koreas edged towards the brink of war this week, it appears that the workers in Russia have been called back to aid potential military operations. via Workers recalled […]

North Korea fires artillery barrage on South

November 23, 2010


North Korea fired dozens of artillery shells onto a South Korean island on Tuesday, killing one person, setting homes ablaze and triggering an exchange of fire as the South’s military went on top alert. In what appeared to be one of the most serious border incidents since the 1950-53 war, South Korean troops fired back […]

Why world leaders smacked down Obama at G20 summit

November 13, 2010


How do you say “shellacking” in Chinese? Or German? Or Korean? Fresh from his self-described shellacking in this month’s midterm elections, President Obama has gotten pretty much the same treatment from foreign leaders as he has made his way through Asia this week. Leaders at the Group of 20 (G20) summit in Seoul, South Korea […]

Obama Missing on Veteran’s Day

November 11, 2010


Today is Veteran’s Day. Do you know where your president is? With his feeble flame of “hope” thoroughly doused here in the United States by last week’s elections, President Obama has set out around the globe in search of throngs still enthralled by his flowery rhetoric. He found them, of course, in Indonesia this week […]

North and South Korea on the brink of war, Russian diplomat warns

September 23, 2010


In Moscow’s bleakest assessment of the situation on the Korean peninsula yet, Russian deputy foreign minister Alexei Borodavkin said tensions between the two countries were running at their highest and most dangerous level in a decade. “Tensions on the Korean Peninsula could not be any higher. The only next step is a conflict,” he told […]