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ACLU Warns Schools to Say Holiday Parties vs Christmas

December 9, 2010


School superintendents across the state were reminded by the ACLU this week that holiday celebrations focusing primarily on one religious holiday amount to an unconstitutional endorsement of  religion. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) letter, addressed to 137 public shool leaders across the state, stated that it was responding to a number of complaints from families […]

Chase orders bank to remove Christmas tree .. offends customers

December 3, 2010


Chase Bank told a businessman to remove the Christmas tree he donated to a local branch because it could offend people. Antonio Morales, owner of Bellagio Day Spa in Southlake, had assembled and decorated a 9-foot-tall tree in the lobby of the Chase Bank branch at 1700 E. Southlake Boulevard as a favor to the […]

Obama’s Childhood Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder

November 10, 2010


President Obama dedicated his book Dreams From My Father to a man who abandoned him.  Barack Obama Sr., a Harvard-educated Kenyan economist, held many of the same  ideological prejudices as his son. An alcoholic womanizer he was also described as ‘self-involved and egotistical.” Then there was his flower-child, “free spirited“, socialist leaning mother, Stanley Ann […]

He’s done it again Obama omits ‘Creator’ from Declaration of Independence

October 20, 2010


He’s done it again! President Obama has removed “Creator” from the language of the Declaration of Independence when citing the rights with which we are endowed — by God, as the Declaration tells us. From the website, the text of the President’s remarks to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on October 18: “As wonderful […]

Feds: opposing Tennessee mosque could be a crime

October 19, 2010


The Obama administration, for the second time in two months, interjected itself Monday into an angry local dispute over a proposed Islamic center, warning local officials that opposing the mosque could violate the civil rights of its members and become a federal crime. The Department of Justice filed court papers Monday in support of construction […]

Washington Post writer Sally Quinn: Obama’s church visit is a result of America full of “prejudice and bigotry”

September 21, 2010


Washington Post writer Sally Quinn told Bill O’Reilly tonight that the reason Barack Obama and the First Family went to church this weekend was because America is full of “prejudice and bigotry.”

A fatwa has been issued against pets in Iran

September 20, 2010


More lunacy from the religion of peace; A fatwa has been issued against pets in Iran, leading the authorities to ban all advertisements for pets, pet food and other pet products. I don’t know what other actions will be taken, but it must be a bleak time for Iranian pet vets. A fatwa against pets? Not a […]