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Guantanamo inmates traded for money and Obama handshakes

November 30, 2010


European governments negotiating with the US on the resettlement of Guantanamo Bay inmates asked for money and meetings with Barack Obama, while others refused to accept Chinese Uighurs for fear of upsetting Beijing, diplomatic cables disclosed by WikiLeaks show. Following Barack Obama’s pledge to close the ‘terror camp’ at Guantanamo Bay by January 2010, America’s […]

Critics Slam Obama Administration for ‘Hiding’ Massive Saudi Arms Deal

November 20, 2010


The Obama administration has quietly forged ahead with its proposal to sell $60 billion worth of fighter jets and attack helicopters to Saudi Arabia unhampered by Congress, despite questions raised in legislative inquiries and in an internal congressional report about the wisdom of the deal. The massive arms deal would be the single largest sale […]

New Afghan war plans could cost US taxpayers an extra $125 billion

November 19, 2010


As leaders at the NATO summit in Lisbon meet this weekend to discuss strategy in Afghanistan, US war planners have been signaling that troop withdrawals set to begin in 2011 will be mostly symbolic and that the handover to Afghan forces in 2014 is “aspirational.” Such could cost American taxpayers handsomely at a time when […]

Obama Administration Claims Unchecked Authority To Kill Americans

November 16, 2010


The Obama administration today argued before a federal court that it should have unreviewable authority to kill Americans the executive branch has unilaterally determined to pose a threat. “Not only does the administration claim to have sweeping power to target and kill U.S. citizens anywhere in the world, but it makes the extraordinary claim that […]

100 Dollar Oil Is Coming

October 25, 2010


The price of oil has been hovering around 80 dollars a barrel for quite some time now, but get ready, because it is going to move significantly higher. Oil prices have already risen about 9 percent over the past month, and many believe that this could very well be the start of a new trend. […]

Dutch politician Wilders not guilty on all counts acquittal of anti-Islam MP

October 15, 2010


The public prosecution department on Friday afternoon stated that Geert Wilders is not guilty of discriminating against Muslims. Earlier on Friday it announced he should also be found not guilty of inciting hatred. Prosecutors Birgit van Roessel and Paul Velleman reached their conclusions after a careful reading of interviews with and articles by the anti-Islam […]

Does Obama believe in the First Amendment for anyone other than Muslims?

September 18, 2010


“There is no more Molly,” reports Seattle Weekly. Molly Norris, formerly a cartoonist for the alternative paper, has gone into hiding. At the suggestion of the FBI, “she is, as they put it, ‘going ghost‘: moving, changing her name, and essentially wiping away her identity.” Why? Because, as the New York Times reports, imam Anwar […]