The last thing we need right now is another Reagan

Posted on February 8, 2011


That sounds like blasphemy, but it’s true. Reagan used a three legged stool as analogy for conservatism, one leg social conservatism, one leg military or national defense conservatism, and one leg fiscal conservatism. Well he spoke a good game, but actions speak louder than words. His actions spoke the loudest, he spent and approved spending as fast as any hated democratic president ever has, with the exception of the current president. In today’s world, Reagan would be considered a big spender, an appropriator, if he were a senator the tea party would be looking for a primary challenger. He is Bill Bennett former senator from UT, Lisa Murkowski of AK, Richard Lugar of IN, I can go on but won’t. It’s time for the republican party to stop looking back at a mythical president of the past with rose colored glasses and look at the present and the future. Our problems are large and daunting and now, if there is one thing we can take from Reagan is his optimism and belief that the greatness of America is boundless.

What we need now is someone who embodies all three legs of that stool, not just someone who speaks elegantly of the three legged stool, but only embodies two aspects of it. I am not going to endorse any candidates, just suggest that at this time of Reagan’s 100th birthday we look forward not back at Reagan’s legacy. He was the right man at the right time, our country was depressed and needed a huge dose of his optimism, and tax cuts. We needed to get back to work, and we need to get something for our hard work. We also needed a person in the oval office who should strong for freedom, not just at home but all over the world. I realize the parallels are obvious to today, but there is one new challenge that we took for granted back then, crushing debt. So the last thing we need today is another Reagan, we need someone who will look at our problems square in the face and challenge us all to meet them. Someone who understands that national security means not only having the best most professional military on the planet, but that energy security is the key to our long term security. Our goal should be to be completely energy independent in the next ten years, we need the all of the above approach more oil, more coal, more natural gas, more wind, more solar, more nuclear, more hydroelectric, more bio fuels, more of everything. Not only does that create jobs, but it will help our trade deficit, which helps our weak dollar problems, which is a tax on all of us through higher energy and food costs. We need a leader who will ask for the most from us and expect results. So now it’s time to do the same and ask a leader to deliver and expect results.