The Official National 2012 Citizens for Romney Comité

Posted on November 22, 2010


We the People of this Citizen’s Comité, as a large segment of the body commonly called the silent majority, have organized an outside the establishment and beyond the federal government beltway citizens movement for real change in Washington, D.C. and in our nation’s leadership selection process.

We want to see the once Grand Old Party that was lead by great national leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight D. (“IKE”) Eisenhower, and Ronald Wilson Reagan arise once again from the mythical ashes of hellfire and doom. Like the Phoenix Bird of mythical history we want to restore the honor, decency, ethical-morality, respect and integrity to the American political system, public service and our party and nation’s leadership.

We sympathize with the frustration, the anger and the disappointment of the American Tea Party Movement now being expressed by the Vox Populi at the ballot box and in the media. We too are disgusted with the failed incumbencies of career politicos who dominate the politics as usual public service arena. Their partisan political bickering has made our elected representative Republic form of governance by democracy an ineffective, inefficient and dysfunctional system full of disgrace and self-serving corruption.

To return civility to government, to restore faith in public service and public servants and to renew our nation’s historic world leadership role based upon a reputation of respect and integrity we need leadership chosen based upon exemplary personal credentials including a proven track record of success not merely party loyalty and political ideological beliefs. Our leaders must be picked from among the best we have to offer in our entire population. To do so we will identify, organize and coalesce all who share our beliefs and goals.

via The Official National 2012 Citizens for Romney Comité.