Feds Protect Obama’s Mob Banker Senate Candidate

Posted on October 25, 2010


It appears that President Obama has pulled strings to help his shady banker friend win a tight U.S. Senate race by delaying an overdue federal report on his mob-connected bank’s failure until after the election.

Federal regulators will conveniently postpone issuing a material loss report on Illinois Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias’ Chicago bank (Broadway Bank) because releasing it before the election could create “another political headache” for Giannoulias in a “close contest” with his Republican opponent, reports the state’s largest newspaper.

Currently Illinois State Treasurer, Giannoulias helped operate the family bank before it was shut down in April for “unsafe banking practices” that have cost U.S. taxpayers $394.3 million. For years Broadway Bank did business with convicted felons and mobsters by providing them with tens of millions of dollars in “loans” that inevitably fortified their criminal enterprises.

via Feds Protect Obama’s Mob Banker Senate Candidate | Judicial Watch.