A Tide in the Affairs of America

Posted on October 25, 2010


As the once-heralded Summer of Recovery yields to a Fall of Failure, there is a tide in the affairs of America which, if taken at the flood, could lead to a reversal of misfortune brought to us by a socialist-ideologue president, a tragic-comedian vice president, and a majority leadership team in Congress who are master and mistress of the martial arts of legislative cram-down.

Two years into this regime, their persistent blaming of Bush reflects an adolescent unwillingness to accept responsibility. With each advance in the calendar, their whining rings yet hollower. Their chosen metaphor is that of a responsible adult, the Democrats, taking the car keys away from an irresponsible child, the Republicans, after the youth drove the country into a ditch. It’s an elitist’s analogy that negates the principle of this democracy.

The car is a government that belongs to neither party, just as it was once owned by neither the Federalists nor the Whigs. Government here has always belonged to We The People. We decide who drives it, and to where.

via American Thinker: A Tide in the Affairs of America.