This Year’s October Surprise

Posted on October 20, 2010


I assumed that the Democrats’ October Surprise for this year’s election would be either a faked administration success, like doctored statistics showing a dramatic reduction in unemployment, or a negative attack, such as a rumor that the Tea Party movement is secretly funded by al-Qaeda. It now seems that there will be no spectacular national event, but rather, in numerous local contests, a series of “tomato surprises.”

The tomato surprises that the Democrats have cooked up come in two flavors. The first is a slide personal attack, insinuating that a Republican candidate is not what he or she seems to be, but something much worse. For months, Democrats have been busily digging for dirt in the private lives of Republican candidates. And what they couldn’t find, they fabricated.

The other flavor of tomato surprise is a revelation that a Democratic candidate is really a closet conservative. The candidate unzips his reptilian Progressive suit and behold, there’s a human being inside. But, as Ed Lasky has pointed out, Dems fake this by blandly lying about their voting records, hiding their party affiliation and incumbency, or pledging to overturn the ObamaCare legislation they are on record as having favored.

via American Thinker: This Year’s October Surprise.