Perfect: Tides Foundation Trying to Silence Glenn Beck

Posted on October 16, 2010


The Tides Foundation is a frequent target of popular radio and TV host Glenn Beck.

Tides was founded in 1976 to advance radical progressive causes. It has contributed tens of millions of dollars to organizations like ACORN, CAIR, Media Matters, the New World Foundation, PETA and the National Organization of Women,

Beck, thankfully, is helping to turn the spotlight on the tangled, symbiotic and often hidden relationships between the Tides Foundation and  radical groups.

So what’s the Tides’ first tendency? As befits a bunch of Marxist, it’s to silence free speech. Not sue Beck for libel, I suppose, because they’d get laughed out of court. But to intimidate Beck’s advertisers in order to squelch his message.

via Perfect: Tides Foundation Nuts Trying to Silence Glenn Beck for Reporting on Tides Foundation’s Anti-American Activities–Like Censorship.