New illegal amnesty bill introduced in Senate by Democrats

Posted on October 11, 2010


On Sept. 29, just before Congress recessed for the midterm elections, Democratic Senators Robert Menendez and Patrick Leahy introduced a comprehensive immigration reform bill in the Senate.

Although to some this seems to be an odd moment to be introducing such a thing, Menendez, Leahy and some immigrant rights activists think there is a chance of getting it passed during the lame duck session, between the election and the inauguration of the new Congress in January 2011.

The authoritative Immigration Policy Center has done a thorough preliminary analysis of the new 874-page bill’s major points.

* The approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants thought to be in this country will be given a chance to legalize themselves.

* Legal immigration categories will be refigured to allow more immigration for family unity and for work, which is intended to make it easier to come here legally and thus cut down on the pressure to come without documents.

* There will be a new guest worker program, called H-2C, for areas of the U.S. economy in which there is supposedly a shortage of labor.

* There will be programs to ensure that immigrants detained by the government will not be abused, will have access to health care and attorneys’ services, and will not be separated from their minor children.

* The DREAM and AgJobs acts are included in their entirety.