Dangerous year for Dinosaurs

Posted on September 16, 2010


In a year chock full of surprises, the biggest surprise of all maybe the extinction of the dinosaurs. In real trouble are John Dingell, John Spratt, Ike Skelton and Charlie Rangel. John Dingell represents Michigan 15th, he is 84 and been in the House since 1955. John Spratt represents South Carolina 5th, will be 68 on November 1 and has been in the house since 1983. Ike Skelton represents the Missouri 4th since 1977 and is 78 years old. Charlie Rangel represents NY 15th district since 1971 and is 80 years old. I would like to have put David Obey of Wisconsin on this list since he has been is congress since 1969, but he felt like he did not have another campaign in him.

For decades these men have cruised to re-election without any serious challengers, but they are all in trouble now for various reasons. John Dingell is a champion of Obamacare and is being challenged by Dr Rob Steele; the only poll has Steele within striking distance of 9 points. Charlie Rangel is in trouble of his own making with ethics charges hanging over his head. He also has a real challenger, Michel Faulkner, a pastor at numerous NYC churches, a NY Jet for one season. He is still a long shot, but with the ethics trial scheduled to begin shortly, and lots of free bad press for Charlie, the race is on the radar. Ike Skelton holds one of the most conservative districts held by a democrat. He is in trouble due to his district demographics and his votes, and the challenger Vicky Hartzler. She is a formidable candidate having already won a slice of the district when she was elected to the Missouri House.

Lastly, John Spratt of South Carolina, he is in the most trouble. He represents another conservative district, and he votes with Nancy Pelosi and the leadership, and is Chairman of the House Budget Committee. A problem since the House has not passed a budget. He also faces a serious challenger, Mick Mulvaney, a South Carolina State Senator who has been elected by a portion of this district already. I believe only the hand of God could save Skelton and Spratt form their fates on Election Day. Dingell, who has been in congress for 55 years, is also in serious trouble, real serious trouble.

When you have been in congress longer than most of the voters in your district have been alive and you are not over 50% in the polls, it might just be they have already decided your future. My personal favorite, Charlie Rangel, a true walking talking war hero, a superb interview, from what I can tell a genuine good guy, he seems to have been overtaken by a sense of entitlement. The charges against him are serious, and if the challenger turns out to be serious too, you just never know Anh Cao beat Dollar Bill Jefferson in a similar district in New Orleans.

Four great examples of why we need term limits.