Unhinged Ed Schultz Goes on Psycho Talk Promo of Failing Show

Posted on August 30, 2010



Your pink slip is on the way.

That is the fear that is probably driving Ed Schultz completely over the edge. And Big Ed probably insured the likelihood of that outcome when he recently threatened to go postal and torch MSNBC when that network neglected to promote his abysmally rated show on an election night.

Brian Maloney at the Radio Equalizer has recorded the Schultz dementia from his radio show as he pathetically makes the case for the “success” of his failing MSNBC Big Ed show.

“…And you have no idea, in my bones, in my very soul! In my heart! I want to kick Fox’s a**! I want to drive them into the ground! I want to spike the ball! I want to kick ’em in the teeth on the way back to the huddle! And then I want to turn around and lift my leg on ’em! Because that’s all they’re worth!”

Unhinged Ed Schultz Goes on Psycho Talk Promo of Failing Show | NewsBusters.org.