Liberals plot to ‘Turn off Fox News’ in public places .. Van Jones group, surprising?

Posted on August 26, 2010


From the party of inclusion and tolerance; Now you can join a activist group determined to remove Fox news from ever being broadcast in public. ‘Turn off Fox

I love this comment appearing on the front page; “Fox News isn’t just the home for hate, it’s the home for dangerous and lazy journalism.”

Reading through material from the “Turn Off Fox” campaign, one gets the very clear impression that the folks at the Fox News Channel are bold-faced liars. They have “no regard for the truth,” and uses “half-truths” to push a “stream of misinformation” and “distortions of the truth.”

Turn Off Fox is a project started by Color of Change, the far-left political organization founded by neo-Marxist and black liberation theologist Van Jones. Source

In other news, Fox News Channel recently celebrated it’s 100th consecutive month as the #1 cable news network with a considerably larger audience than CNN and MSNBC combined.  It’s a shame since I used to like Chris Matthews.

Liberals plot to ‘Turn off Fox News’ in public places | San Francisco Examiner.