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Posted on August 19, 2010


With President Obama set to take off for Martha’s Vineyard in a matter of hours, the Obama Administration says “NOTHING IS POSSIBLE” (their caps, not ours) to help an economy showing new signs of job losses and employer uncertainty.  (Now, this is a peculiar admission coming from a White House that is also saying, despite his vacation, that the president is “working hard to do everything possible to get this economy back on the right track…,” but mixed messages can be a problem for those folks these days.)

Unsurprisingly, the White House also told POLITICO Playbook it would “love to back additional stimulus,” but outside of that, “RIGHT NOW, NOTHING IS POSSIBLE…” to get our economy moving again.

There you have it: the American people are asking ‘where are the jobs?’ and all Washington Democrats have to offer is more of the same failing ‘stimulus’ policies.  How’s that been working out?

Well, here’s how things are going a little more than two weeks after the Treasury Secretary declared “welcome to the recovery” in The New York Times:The government reported this morning that jobless claim filings rose to their highest levels in nine months, “yet another setback” and a “sign that employers are cutting jobs again.”  Welcome to the reality:

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